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Superadded liability company “Boryslav plant REMA” - a multidisciplinary enterprise which is specializing in different products in the production of various mass-produced products, as well as custom-made, for many industries in Ukraine and abroad, including spare parts for gas and motor compressors 10HKN, 10 HKM, 10 HKNA, MK-8, spare parts for sewing machines СК-3, СКД-3, СКН-3, СК -5, СКН-5, СК-6, СКД-6, 6СК-6, СК-8, 7СК-8, СК-8, СКД-8, СК-10, СКН-10, UP9T, UP-12T, KVOU complex air purification devices, APOO 210, APOO 310 oil cooling devices, air and gas fine purification filters, heat exchange equipment, spare parts for CNG stations, spare parts for transport, medical equipment, etc.

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Company history

The company begins its history in 1988 when a plant for the production of electronic medical equipment was put into operation in Boryslav. The company was part of the research and production association REMA - a leading developer and manufacturer of medical equipment in the Soviet Union. A year later, the plant became an independent enterprise that produces devices for obstetrics, pediatrics, physiotherapy equipment, laboratory equipment. In 1996, the company was transformed into Boryslav Plant of Radio-Electronic Medical Equipment LLC, and in 2011 into PJSC Boryslav Plant REMA. During the difficult '90s, the company is developing new products in other industries, continuing the development and production of new types of medical equipment. Since 1995, our plant has mastered the production of products and equipment for oil and gas companies. In a short period of time, the company has successfully established strong partnerships with the largest oil and gas companies in Ukraine and the post-Soviet space.

One of the main activities of the company is the production of spare parts for reciprocating gas-compressor type 10GKN, 10GKM, 10GKNA, 10GKMA, MK8, which are used in enterprises for production, transportation, and processing of gas in Ukraine, CIS countries, Eastern Europe. Spare parts produced by the company are of high quality, increased service life, and reliability, which is a very important factor for the smooth operation of enterprises for production, transportation, and processing of gas. We have also mastered the production of spare parts for automobile gas-filling compressor stations (CNG Along with other types of products, Boryslav plant "REMA" is one of the leading manufacturers in Ukraine of a wide range of spare parts for sewing machines, which are used to drive wellbore pumps for oil production.

Today the plant produces spare parts for sewing machines SK-3, SKD-3, SKN-3, SK-5, SKN-5, SK-6, SKD-6, 6SK-6, SK-8, 7SK-8, SKD-8, SK-10, SKN-10, UP9T, UP-12T.stations) made in Russia and Italy. For many years of production and supply of spare parts for sewing machines, we have gained extensive experience in overhauling gearboxes for almost the entire model range of such equipment. Another very important activity of our company is the production of heat exchange equipment. Today the company produces shell-and-tube heat exchangers and tube bundles for them, evaporators, heat exchange sections of air cooling devices AVG, AVM, heat utilizers for gas-pumping units. Starting in 2009, we started the production of oil-air coolers, which are made to work in the low-pressure oil system of technological equipment of the oil and gas industry. The plant produces air cooling units for oil with a thermal capacity of 50 to 400 kW. The main competitive advantage of air cooling units of oil produced by Boryslav plant "REMA" is high reliability, increased service life, efficiency, and smaller weight and size characteristics. The devices use an intelligent algorithm for controlling the cooling mode, which significantly reduces the resource and, consequently, financial costs for oil cooling.

More than 30 air-cooled oil coolers are already successfully operating at compressor stations of the gas transmission system of Ukraine.

Since 2010, Boryslav plant "REMA" began production of integrated air purifiers based on fine air filters of its production. Filters are used to purify the cycle air of gas turbine engines of gas-pumping units. Products, fine air purification filters provide fine air purification class F9 with European standard EN 779. According to the individual specifications of our customers, we are ready to perform other modifications of fine air purification filters. In such a short time, more than a dozen gas pumping units of the gas transmission system of Ukraine have been equipped with our complex air-cleaning devices.

Also, an essential part of our activity is the production of spare parts for road transport, railway transport, trams. The company has its own tool production, production of non-standard equipment, molds and stamps, production for processing of reactor- and thermoplastic materials. Preserving traditions, Boryslav plant "REMA" continues to develop and produce new types of medical equipment. Medical equipment manufactured by the Boryslav plant "REMA" is well known and used in many countries, both near and far abroad. The presence of highly qualified engineers in the design and technical services of the enterprise, combined with a universal production base, allows our plant to quickly restructure to develop new types of products. The company's quality management system is certified by the international standard ISO 9001. Active implementation of the quality management system makes the work of commercial and technical services more efficient at all stages of production - from purchasing raw materials and components to shipping products to consumers. Among the long-term partners and customers of Boryslav plant "REMA" - leading companies and subsidiaries Укртрансгаз, Укргазвидобування, Укрнафта, Укравтогаз, and many other companies both in Ukraine and abroad.

On October 23, 2017, PJSC Boryslav Plant REMA solemnly opened new production facilities - a foundry for the production of cast iron and steel castings by the method of cold-hardening mixtures - XTC.

Honorary guests arrived at the opening of the foundry - First Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine - Minister of Economy and Trade of Ukraine Stepan Kubiv, People`s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Bohdan Matkivsky, Head of Lviv Regional State Administration Oleh Syniutka, and Boryslav Mayor Ihor Yavorsky.

The new shop is equipped with the most modern equipment of well-known manufacturers such as 5M Elektromekanik, Omega Foundry Machinery Ltd, which allows obtaining high-quality castings up to 6 groups of complexity. Non-standard equipment of the foundry was designed by leading domestic research institutes and manufactured at its own production facilities. In the new foundry of the PJSC Boryslav REMA Plant, for the first time in Ukraine, casting using HTS technology with gas suction has been introduced. The new technology allowed to improve the process of filling the mold with liquid metal, to cast parts of ultra-complex shape and configuration, to increase the gas tightness of the finished casting, which had a positive effect on the performance of the finished product.

The design capacity of the new foundry is 1,000 tons of castings per year. The maximum weight of the casting is 2.6 tons.

Our foundry allowed us to raise the quality of finished products to a new level, speed up the production cycle of finished products, reduce the level of shortage of castings, solve logistical issues for the supply of castings and get new jobs. The foundry fully provides its own production needs with castings and can fulfill third-party orders of any level of complexity.

We are ready to offer our partners a range of services for the development, implementation, production, and service of equipment for various industries, as well as services for the modernization of existing equipment using the latest world technologies. In carrying out our tasks, we adhere to the highest production standards to constantly improve the reliability and quality of our products. The use of advanced technologies, professionalism and experience of our specialists in the production of products - contributes to the development of the efficiency of our customers.

We will be glad to see you among our clients and partners!