Air purification device APD-10M

The APD-10M air purification device is intended for purification of working air of gas pumping units from the accompanying impurity connected both with seasonal cycles and with region of placement in the conditions of a temperate and cold climate. The device is installed partly outdoors and partly in the compressor shop. The air purification device is based on the use of two-stage air filters type FP-01-1,0 / 2.
The APD-10M includes:
- air intake chamber (AIC), which includes an automatic bypass valve;
- air heating systems in the warehouse:
- hot air pipeline (HAP) with hot air flow control valve;
- collector and pipes of the hot air distribution system along the inlet section of the air intake chamber;
- a set of two-stage air filters of thin cleaning FP-01-1,0 / 2;
- a set of frame mesh filters of rough purification of air FR-19-4-600 / 995;
- stairs, ladders and service areas with a protective fence;
- air duct with noise muffler;
- frame (supporting metal structures);